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SCALE for Women 

SCALE: Sales, Confidence, and Leadership Excellence

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We know you are a sales leader who is serious about wanting to SCALE yourself and take your team to the next level. We also know how difficult it is to learn it on your own! 

We understand the power of community and learning together!

You are why we designed an exclusive  SCALE for Women Community.

Launching our SCALE for Women Intensive masterclass experiences provides the confidence and the blueprint you need to SCALE yourself and your team's momentum. We want you to enter 2023 with renewed energy, passion, clarity of vision, and the communication and connection tools to grow your team and your pipeline faster and bigger than ever! 

The Big Takeaway Here Is:

You can SCALE faster and bigger if you get clear in these


Cultivating Your Mindset

Knowing Your WHY Operating System

DISCovering Your Power in Communicating and Connecting for Coaching your rising stars!


How are these three areas key to scaling your business?

Mindset: You need to understand what has been holding you back or has you plateaued and how to break through those limiting beliefs, create new truths and anchor them to produce YOUR desired results! 

You can never outperform whom you believe yourself to be.

WHY.os (Operating System): You need to understand the impact you can have in investing in the right processes with the right people because when you feel like giving up… knowing your why gives you the perspective and tools to use your strengths in a greater capacity and break through to making the impact you desire.

DISCovering Your Power in Communicating & Connecting: Finally, you need to realize that any time you are driving and coaching your team to perform at their highest level, knowing your own communication style and how quickly to identify and adapt to another's style allows you step into connection and coach to their style for maximum benefit to THEM!


What's important for every sales leader to understand about this strategy is:

With an elevated success mindset, you create an unstoppable vision.

With an unstoppable vision, you create accelerated momentum.

With mindset, vision, and momentum, YOU CAN SCALE.

With accelerated momentum backed by your WHY.os and DISC Communication & Connection knowledge and skills, you SCALE faster and bigger than you could have imagined!

And here's one more thing before we forget… we invite you to our FREE Facebook community to share tips and strategies on breaking down the biology of sales success for sales leaders like you!

  This is an exclusive, private group that every woman sales leader can lean into, learn from to gain and sustain greater results, share your wins and celebrate your and others' successes! 

SCALE for Women
will help every sales leader achieve greater results  

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Shelly Bays



Melahni Ake


Shelly has a passion for empowering and equipping others. She helps them grow with intention, purpose, and focus so they can create more success and integration with life and business or career…no matter where they are starting from today.


Servant Leadership is the heart of everything Melahni believes.  Her influence on leadership started early in her life. Through mentors, she has dedicated her life to living with significance and showing others how to improve their capacity as leaders every day. 


That's not all

INCREASE your ability to engage and fast-track your transformation by becoming a SCALE INNER CIRCLE member now.


If you can't join us live you can still join and learn how to SCALE Your SUCCESS.

We have added some bells and whistles to up-level your personal development journey with a SCALE INNER CIRCLE membership.  If you're ready to jumpstart your growth, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to:

  • Gain Exclusive access to ALL Intensive Masterclass replays

  • Learn Accountability Systems to Scale Your Success

  • Opportunity to promote your products 


  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Mastermind Group/Book Club

  • Virtual Trainings led by the Co-Founders of SCALE for WOMEN

  • Access to SALES SUCCESS with others on the SCALE for WOMEN Podcast

  • Get the support you need from leading industry experts and like-minded sales leaders like YOU!

  • Keep the momentum going with exclusive offers reserved for our SCALE INNER CIRCLE CLUB Level members including 6 months of INNER CIRCLE CLUB ($1182 Value)

Register and  access  SCALE SUCCESS and 6-months INNER CIRCLE Club Membership for only $697 (Savings of $485) 


              Join us!

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Julia, Director

Our program just completed our company WHY and it was such a refreshing and interesting experience.  This helped us to build better communication on our team and in our community

Kathy Selvey_testimonial.jpeg

Kathy, Ruby Ambassador

“I highly recommend Shelly Bays as a coach, mentor, and leader. She has a unique ability to listen, focus on strengths, and help you utilize them well. She has had a great impact on me becoming more self-confident which has resulted in greater team development, job satisfaction and performance, and great unity and closeness within our team. I am personally and professionally thrilled with the results!”


Laurie, Engage, ESM

Shelly and Melahni were incredible during our Women's Leadership Series that helped me to get clear in my communication, my WHY and allowed me to become a stronger leader in my career and my life.

Amy Zimmerman_testimonial.jpeg

Amy, Aflac DSC

‘I was a young professional with no sales experience. Shelly Bays’ knowledge, dedication, and enthusiastic support transformed me into a confident salesperson. I now manage people myself and utilize many of the things I learned from Shelly to help me manage my team!”


Jodi,, Hoosier Photo Organizer

I was at a point in my personal and professional life that I needed to hire a life/business coach.  I knew Melahni was the perfect coach for me.  Her authentic energy and spirit to help others has allowed me to grow in many areas both personally and professionally. Starting with fundamental principles, I have been able to get clear in investing my life and scaling my business 

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April 22, 2033 Save The Date

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